Tadalafil ®

dosage, usage, warnings and side effects.

Does Tadalafil on sexual attraction, conception of the child?

The number of unfortunate men worldwide which suffer erection violation, every day steadily grows, and it is the fact. Financial trouble in connection with the world crisis, turmoil at work, stress, and as the result is sad problems in the intimate life. Next – family quarrel, low self-esteem. Easily solve this problem will help Tadalafil medicine.

Tadalafil prescribe to be efficient treatment of erectile dysfunction, regardless of its origin. With all of this, it is practically safe for the health; it has not expressed Tadalafil side effects, what is confirmed by the enthusiastic Tadalafil Reviews. The action of the drug may last more than a day (up to thirty-six hours), thus, the duration of its action is much more than Levitra or the notorious Viagra.

The main advantage of Tadalafil medical agent – the ability of men again leads spontaneous sexual life, as evidenced by the large number of positive Tadalafil Reviews

What is the difference between Tadalafil of Cialis Brand?
Tadalafil is fully identical to Cialis original drug the pharmacological composition, but as his firm-the manufacturer has the patent for its production, so long as the validity period of the patent is not completed, no company in the world do not have legal rights to use the logo of the brand. The differences of these two drugs may be in the form of the tablet, its color or minor differences in taste, which is confirmed by Tadalafil Reviews

Methods of reception of the drug, dose
One 20-ounce tablet Tadalafil taken for fifteen, twenty minutes before indicative of sexual intimacy. Has no value, will this drug be taken before or during the meal. Sexual contact is possible in the presence of sexual arousal in the next one and a half days. It is not recommended to use more than one tablet of the medical agent a day.

Does Tadalafil on sexual attraction, conception of the child?
The sexual attraction, maturing of the sperm, the drug has no effect. Similarly, the drug does not affect the ability to conceive a child.

Who should take Tadalafil?
This medicine is shown in the following medical cases: organic, psychological and mixed violations of the penis. Tadalafil will also help with the weakening of the erectile function during all sexual contact, or when one cannot call a penis in a natural way.